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All kinds of rides for sale

BESTON from China is a well-known developer and manufacturer in the entertainment industry. Facts speak louder than words! I believe you will enjoy our amusement park rides. Do you want to buy new rides for your amusement park? Do you want to invest and earn fast?

Do you have an amusement park? If yes, then you definitely need rides to buy for your park. Don't rush, please read this article, it will help you plan. China National Amusement Corporation - Beston Co., Ltd is one of the large-scale amusement amusement manufacturers in Zhengzhou, China, selling amusement park rides all over the world.

attractions for shopping malls
The most popular rides in Beston!

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We are dedicated to creating, designing and manufacturing high quality amusement rides for sale. We supply various types of amusement rides including extreme rides for adults, attractions for children, water park rides, mall entertainment equipment and so on, these rides can be used in entertainment center, carnival, theme park and supermarket. We have many excellent designers and professional technicians. Rides buy from BestonWe produced received great praise from customers around our whole country. We are a professional manufacturer in various amusement rides development, design and production.

Types of attractions

A good amusement park necessarily has a variety of attractions for visitors. Includes children's attractions to buy, new rides to buy, extreme rides to buy and even thrilling rollercoasters. By understanding the different types of rides available, potential visitors can plan a theme park holiday park with just the right rides for them.

Best rides buy from Beston

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Amusement park (sometimes called an amusement park) or a theme park is a group of amusement rides, rides and other activities as a place for the exercise of a large number of people. Amusement parks have a fixed location, unlike travel parks and travel carnivals, and are more complex than simple urban parks or playgrounds, typically providing rides designed to cater specifically to certain age groups, as well as those directed to the side. all ages. Theme parks, a particular type of amusement park, tend to be much more intricately themed to a particular subject or group of subjects than normal amusement parks.

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Beston attractions in the amusement park in Uzbekistan

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The most popular attractions in the amusement park


The carousel is one of the many rides and is probably the oldest ride. It usually has a revolving round platform that houses rider seats. Most carousels are shaped like horses, although there are those that have other types of mounts, like pigs, zebras, tigers, various mythological creatures, planes and cars. Undoubtedly, the carousel is the most iconic playground equipment in the amusement park. Carousel, it is truly the most favorite attraction for families, and the most attractive playground equipment in the park or playground. as one of the most traditional attractions in the amusement park, carousel ride continues to play an important role among entertainment markets. Many people have a special feeling on it.

children's carousels price

Attraction Carousel Buy

Amusement Carousel Buy Welcome to Beston to learn more about carousel rides for amusement parks. Wedding Carousel for Sale Beston is one of the famous carousel manufacturers from China. Countless sets of amusement carousel rides are sold all over the world. Thematic ...
Attraction carousel with horses to buy

Buy Carousel Horses Attraction

When you go to a nearby mall, you will probably see a whole horse carousel ride that happens to be designed especially for young children. They can have as many as three horses, or other animals, kids can ride it, and besides there are...

each carousel is a masterpiece painstakingly crafted for an authentic, distinctive look. Various sizes and decoration options are available for you to find the carousel that suits your needs. Please click on the carousels below for more details.

buy Attraction Carousel BNHC-36A
Attraction carousel 38 places for sale

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children's carousel attraction
Children's carousel attraction

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Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel attraction, sometimes called an attraction wheel, sight wheel, or, in the case of very tall examples, a giant wheel, is a non-building structure consisting of a rotating vertical wheel with several passenger components (commonly called cars, cabins, capsules, gondolas) attached to the rim in such a way so that when the wheel turns, they are kept upright, usually by gravity.

Attraction Ferris wheel buy

Attraction Ferris Wheel Buy

Ferris Wheel Ride Buy Beston Ferris Wheel Ride for sale from China. Sale of Ferris wheel rides for an amusement park. Beston Ferris Wheel As a leading amusement ride manufacturer, Beston provides 10-120 meters Ferris wheel. Factory direct sales...
children's ferris wheel to buy

Attraction Children's Ferris Wheel

The Kids Ferris Wheel is a miniature Ferris wheel, a new children's attraction loved by kids of all ages. He has another name - the attraction of the sun. Unlike the large ferris wheel, the children's ferris wheel is suitable for children, so the height is relatively low...

The Ferris wheel is the most classic and beautiful ride in the park. All families can ride this rotating ferris wheel and see the beautiful scenery from above. The big ferris wheel is the most common attraction in amusement park or theme park and garden party. Ferris wheel, roller coaster and carousel (carousel) is called "three treasures in paradise". These exciting rides offer guests from grandparents to young children an amazing view in all directions, with a round tube column, providing greater transparency and an elegant structural appearance.


buy a ferris wheel
High resolution 3D rendering

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ferris wheel cost
High resolution 3D rendering

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We manufacture a wide range of ferris wheel from 6 meters to 100 meters perfect. Our Ferris wheel installed worldwide for more than 160 locations. Our ferris wheels are designed and sized for feet in a specific situation or specific need, such as climatic conditions, strong winds or difficult grounding aspects, resistance, earthquake areas. They are a very sound investment representing a very good business in relation to potential income.


Buy a children's Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel for children from China

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Roller coaster

Roller coaster - This attraction is designed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. Extreme rollercoaster attractions (in English-speaking countries the name Roller-coaster is used, in some European countries Rollercoaster) designed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. During the 16th and 17th centuries, rollercoaster rides consisting of wooden sleds that took riders down large slides made of ice were popular in Russia. The roller coaster is the heart of the theme park industry and the driving force behind its success. Although roller coasters are very scary rides, they are mostly very safe rides. General roller coaster including climbing, landslides, reversing. The design of its orbit is not necessarily a full cycle, it can also be designed as a vehicle to operate on a rail mode to move forward and backward.

fun rides to buy

roller coaster attraction

Do you want to buy an extreme amusement park roller coaster? Beston roller coaster ride with high quality. We will make big slides with 3-10 rings. The length of the track can vary from 5 to 1000 meters. They are the best roller coaster you can buy...
buy a roller coaster for kids

Buy Rollercoaster Ride for Kids

Do you want to equip your amusement park with the best rides possible? If yes, then you really can't go wrong with the kids slide. This makes mini slides a great investment that you can take advantage of for your amusement park. You should always have...

child roller coaster called mini roller coaster, is located on a dedicated track exchange of new playground equipment. It consists of a thin shaped, mighty car park, consisting of various styles, each with synchronous drive in the direction of the track on the shuttle in the modern style of the track exchange logo. Combined with colorful lights, sound and decorative painting of children's cartoon. Children's roller coaster standard 15 cars, vehicle mix simulation, cartoon type, luxury, all kinds of animal simulation, to meet the different needs of customers, the children's roller coaster is dedicated to the railroad tracks on the new amusement equipment, which consists of 15 different styles of exquisite sports cars composition, general the number of tracks over 70 meters, while the car is also equipped with colorful lights and children's cartoon decorations, cars lined up in a hovering orbit, so that passengers feel the pleasure of enjoying the endless. Want to buy rides from China?


extreme roller coaster to buy
extreme roller coaster to buy

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Autodrom (Bumper cars)

Attraction autodrome has a long history of use in amusement parks and carnivals. In fact, for many people, they are one of the highlights of visiting one of these places. For kids, they simulate the thrill of driving while also providing a convenient way to connect with their friends.

attraction cars to buy
Bumper cars top current collector BBC-02 sale

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If you're thinking about buying bumper cars for an amusement park, carnival, or family entertainment center, it's worth taking the time to expand your knowledge as much as possible about how these cars work and what options are available. After all, it can help you make an informed decision about which car rides to buy. Want to buy rides in china?

children's attraction bumper cars
Bumper car for kids

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If you have paid attention to the rides, you may have noticed that their design has changed quite a bit over the years. Early ride cars were equipped with electrified floor and grid ceilings. The pole ran out the back of the car all the way to the ceiling, helping to complete the circuit so the car could get power. In some cases, bumper cars even battery powered, eliminating the need for floor grids altogether.

bumper car ride

Attraction bumper cars buy

Bumper car rides (also known as car rides and bumper cars) are popular small rides for kids and families. In general, such entertainment equipment consists of cars and an indoor arena. Ask for a price A bumper car usually gets ...
Attraction autodrome price

Attraction Cars Buy

“Bumper car” from the English language “Bumper car”, in Russia it has many more names: autodrome attraction, car attraction, autodrome attraction, bumper car attraction and so on. Bumper cars - mechanical attraction, with one small indoor race track, passengers can ride on ...
battery bumper cars price

Battery bumper cars

Battery bumper cars are popular rides in our lives. Rechargeable bumper cars do not require a special location configuration if you fully charge the battery. It is very convenient to use for fun. So this is the perfect option for you to think about...


Chain carousel (Swing rides)

chain carousel – variant of the carousel attraction – entertaining equipment for parks rides that have chairs suspended from chains from the top of a carousel instead of animal-shaped seating. Some of them may even tilt its top. This attraction is also called a chain attraction, a whirlwind attraction, a yo-yo attraction, a breeze attraction.

Attraction chain carousel price
chain attraction for sale from china

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Chain carousel rides are the earliest forms of carousels. They existed in ancient Byzantium and were made with ropes and baskets that rotated in circles around the center of the pole and carried people. After that, people started making carousels, inspired by medieval cavalry games, but chain carousels have survived to this day and, some say, are even more popular today, especially among adults (although there are small children's chain carousels). When amusement parks began to appear in the early 20th century, chain carousel attraction were one of the most common attractions in them.

Big chain carousel buy

Attraction Chain Carousel

Amusement Park Chain Carousel - This amusement park attraction is very popular with children and parents. The chain family attraction is a good choice for investment. Do you want to buy chain carousels from the manufacturer? Please contact us. Hope we can give you...
36 Seat Chain Carousel

Attraction Chain

As a popular amusement park ride, chain ride has always been the first choice for investors investing in the amusement industry. The chain carousel attraction can be seen everywhere and for various occasions, and they are very popular with children and adults. Beston can offer investors...


Train rides

Attraction locomotives can be classified into train ride railless и train ride on rails. According to the driving mode, the train ride can be driven by steam directly, diesel generator and electric motor. On the track attraction train the rails can have double track, single track and regular park train. However, a trackless train ride is usually a fuel-driven train or a battery-driven train.


children's rides train
Beston children's train in the mall

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The little train ride is often enclosed wagons and open wagons. Beston, well known for its high quality tourist trains with lower prices, supplies a variety of amusement rides trains for sale for various applications and trackless train is usually applied to amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, amusement park, resort, shopping malls, rental business, playground, and so on.

buy a trackless train

Attraction Train Train Trackless

Attraction trackless trains have all the characteristics necessary for success: excellent design, ease of use, etc. The trackless train ride will involve more people in the amusement park. We also offer custom train rides to meet the demand of different customers. If you would like...
buy attraction train

Attraction Train on Rails

Short description The train ride on rails (or the train for children) is also called the ride for children, the fairy tale train ride or the rail train ride. The attraction train on rails is made in imitation of the design of a real train. One steam locomotive pulls several wagons (usually two or three), on which ...

Emelya attraction (Pirate ship rides)

The Emelya attraction is one of the company's longstanding attractions. The gondola, made in the form of a large boat, can accommodate from 8 to 55 passengers and swings them up to 20 m in height at an angle of 75 °. The attraction ship consists of a welded steel structure with decorative cladding and a bench made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which allows for countless theming options. With moderate accelerations and movements it is a real family attraction, with children from 1.1m tall accompanied by an adult being able to enjoy the experience. Those over 1.2m can ride alone. viking attraction may feature highly decorative theming reflecting concepts such as Pirates of the Caribbean or the Viking period. With its outstanding visual impact and detailed decoration, it has become a popular landmark and a major attraction for visitors of all ages in numerous parks around the world. The Pirate Ship Ride is an attraction for the whole family with theming options that make it the perfect choice for riders of all ages.

Attraction ship to buy

Attraction Ship

"Beston Attractions" offers a customized modern pirate ship attraction. Various styles, high quality, wide range of applications, large investment returns and customization capabilities. Beston Rides uses an advanced braking system and several safety devices to ensure the reliability of the rides. More than 138...


The Fifth Element (Frisbee Ride)

The fifth element ride is a type of pendulum ride with a round gondola that rotates as it swings back and forth. The gondola is suspended for supporting frames and rests on four pillars. Riders sit on a gondola facing either inward or outward. When the ride starts attraction pendulum starts to rotate on its own and swing the arc 120 degrees up to 360 degrees towards the maximum. Suspended from the air axis, the drivers will have a strong centrifugal feeling and the tide of the earth and sky. The Frisbee attraction for sale is equipped with safety shoulders to ensure the safety of tourists.


Beston Fifth Element Ride BNPD-24B buy from china
Beston Attraction Fifth Element BNPD-24B for sale

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Attraction 5 item made in Beston adopts the first class of high strength materials, which guarantees the internal safety of the entertainment equipment for sale. The seats and other components of Frisbee rides adopt green environmentally friendly materials. Also, the electrical parts are optimized, with frequency conversion technology, more energy saving than common parts. Beston also adopts automatic monitoring technology for key components for real-time tracking.

Attraction fifth element buy

Attraction Fifth Element

The Fifth Element attraction is a large attraction with beautiful appearance, scientific design, and a popular attraction in a large amusement park. At present, the Fifth Element Ride is a new popular attraction in the international market. Do you have an amusement park? Want to invest to earn...


Orbit (Paratrooper)

Orbit ride also known as “attraction chamomile” is a type of amusement park based on cars suspended under the wheels, which rotates at an oblique angle. Cars are free to swing sideways and swing under the action of centrifugal force and the wheel rotates. Invariably, the paratrooper's cars have an umbrella or other form of canopy over the riders. Unlike modern thrill rides, the daisy ride is suitable for almost all ages (except for babies and very young children).


Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-24B buy from China
Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-24B for sale

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Attraction orbit is one of the most exciting and exciting carnival or amusement park games. The main decorative element is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), equipped with excellent lighting, excellent music, no fading, durable painting and other modern electrical accessories. The whole design in the updated cartoon figures and colorful paintings make the players enjoy great happiness and stimulation. This entertainment equipment is very suitable for amusement parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, resorts, residential communities and other carnivals. All of our equipments can be customized, of course, not only in different colors, but also in different models.

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16B buy from China

Attraction Orbit

High quality orbit ride for sale. Beston sells park rides with factory price from China. Want to buy new rides for the park. Please contact us. Trust us, we will be the best partner. You have questions? Click the button to send an email...

Children's rides (Kiddie Rides)

Children's rides are specially designed for small children and young children. They can be coin operated rides or mini carousel rides for small children, usually in small sizes. Children attractions buy, commonly seen in children's amusement parks, shopping malls, children's shops, restaurants and other places that are attractive to young children. Most of our rides can be customized for each client.

Children's play mazes buy

Children's playrooms to buy

Welcome to our site. Dear site visitors! Do you want to buy children's playrooms for your business? Do you want to know more about the children's playroom (from 100 sqm)? The following content will give you useful information. Ask for a price Covered playground for children ...
Attraction robot for children

Attraction Robot for Kids

Robot ride is a new kind of ride which is designed by our professional designer and produced by our experienced workers. He is one of the rides that could walk and drift spins. This ride robot is easy to operate and stable in performance. He has a beautiful appearance...
BESTON Attraction excavator

Attraction Children's Excavator

Attraction children's excavator that your child can control. The so-called electric excavator for children. A children's excavator differs from a large excavator in that it is powered by an electric machine. The most loved by children on the market. Beston sells children's excavators with factory price from...

More other amusement rides for kids sales, click here: 

Children are the main consumer of amusement parks. Most of the rides are for children. We have exported many sets of children's attractions to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Latvia…… all CIS countries and other countries all over the world. For example, children's ferris wheel, children's excavator amusement ride, children's carousel rides, caterpillar ride, kangaroo carousel ride, wheelchair ride, train ride, robot ride, trampoline ride, mini waiting ride, flying ride and other children's self-control rides. Our rides to buy are popular in the park. Adults and kids who love amusement parks, theme parks all love these rides. And because of its new design, high quality but lower price, Beston plays an important role for the amusement park owner in the world. Buy park attractions with us, you will enjoy the best service.


entertainment equipment for entertainment centers
Beston amusement park concept and design for clients.

The design of your original park

Attractions buy in China

Zhengzhou Beston Company is a professional manufacturer that specializes in the research and development, production, distribution and services of entertainment equipment. Beston is located in the western part of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, covers an area of ​​45000 square meters with more than 8000 square meters of modern workshop. Beston company has absorbed Europe, Japan, the United States and other international advanced technology. With the world's leading distinctive fashion design philosophy and adventurous modern style, we are committed to high quality manufacturing, high efficiency and environmental protection products. Our main products: carousel, extreme rides, family attractions, train ride, children's rides, inflatable rides and water rides. The company's products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions: Africa, European countries and the United States, Southeast Asia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, five Central Asian countries, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, all countries CIS, etc., have owned a favorable reputation in the international market.


Certificates for the carousel attraction
Certificates for the carousel attraction

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Beston amusement rides buy in China has an absolute advantage: we provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales service. Before the rides to buy, we will help you solve any of your problems, such as shipping, payment, delivery time and so on. After the amusement rides are purchased, we will assist you in the installation and operation, provide after-sales repair and maintenance.


If you need amusement rides to buy for your park, choose our company will be your wise choice.


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