Implemented project of a recreation park in Uzbekistan

The good news is that Beston Attractions is already working in the park of culture and recreation "Gafur Gulyam", Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Beston provides comprehensive services for amusement parks in Uzbekistan, from manufacturing, installation to operation! Beston helps people in Uzbekistan experience high quality rides in this “Gafur Gulyam” culture and recreation park. Watch the video below for more details. Of course, you can also contact us directly for a quotation list of amusement park projects.

Introduction of the Project of the Park of Culture and Rest “Gafur Ghulam”

  • Land area: Total area about 7 ha
  • Address: in the center of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. (Location PARK OF CULTURE AND RECREATION them. GAFUR GULYAM on the map)
  • park type: The complex park, which combines recreation, culture and entertainment, is very popular with tourists of all ages.
  • Installation time and cycle: Starting in March 2022, installation will take a total of 5 months.
  • Project status: all the equipment is installed, some products are put into operation, the roller coaster is still in the debugging stage.
  • Client needs: The client's initial request was to add new outdoor rides in the park. Later, at the suggestion of our professional team, the client also wanted to update and upgrade some of the rides in the park!
  • Problem solved: Due to the impact of the epidemic and the congestion of ports during transportation, the arrival time of the product has been changed. In response to this, customers expressed dissatisfaction. In order to solve this problem and provide customers with a better experience, Beston Attractions also offers effective solutions to this problem. In the end, the client said that he was very satisfied with our service.
Beston excellent service team in Uzbekistan
Beston excellent service team in Uzbekistan

Specific introduction of amusement rides

Our sales manager personally went to the investor's Gafur Gulyam park to check the situation at the site in Uzbekistan. Immediately after that, the Beston manager finished communicating with the customer, and then recommended the most suitable solution to the customer. The program plan includes the addition and upgrade of several extreme rides and some small and medium amusement rides. Below are the specific product details of the park.

Extreme rides in the Gafur Ghulam park

Uzbek investors have finally confirmed the purchase of 3 extreme rides: roller coaster, attraction free fall, attraction seventh heaven.

Attraction free fall in the park "Gafur Ghulam"
Attraction free fall in the park "Gafur Ghulam"

Attraction the seventh heaven in the park "Gafur Ghulam"
Attraction the seventh heaven in the park "Gafur Ghulam"

Roller coaster in Uzbekistan park
Roller coaster in Uzbekistan park

Family attractions in Uzbekistan park

Among them, 10 family attractions purchased from Beston: double-decker carousel ride, family 30-seat chain carousels, two trackless trains, family rail rides, family street slides, etc.

Two-story carousel attraction in the park Uzbekistan

Two-story carousel attraction in the park Uzbekistan

Double-story carousel attraction in Uzbekistan
Double-story carousel attraction in Uzbekistan

Family 30-seat chain carousels in Uzbekistan
Family chain carousels in Uzbekistan

Children's attractions in Uzbekistan

Of course, in order to meet the needs of children, this case also has children attractions. For example: flying ride, rainbow kids ride, kids train ride, lightning makvin ride, dinosaur chain carousel ride, kids car ride, happy farm ride, angry birds ride, etc.

Attraction flight in the park "Gafur Ghulam"
Beston Attraction flight in the park “Gafur Ghulam”

Street slide in Uzbekistan
Beston Children's slide in Uzbekistan

Children's playroom “Forest Theme”

We offer investors not only outdoor equipment, but also indoor entertainment projects. This is the most popular children's entertainment center equipment "Forest Theme" in Uzbekistan.

Children's play maze sent to Uzbekistan
Children's play maze sent to Uzbekistan

Park Project Consulting

Whether you are already an amusement park owner or want to invest in an amusement park project, Beston will be happy to provide customers with park planning solutions. Beston will be your best assistant in amusement park design, amusement park recommendation, product manufacturing and amusement park opening.


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