Family attractions

Family rides to order, usually for children and their parents, as  train ride railless, ferris wheel attraction, attraction cars, ride carousel, attraction orbit etc. The Beston company sells children's attractions and family attractions. If you want to buy rides for children or adults, Beston presents a family ride and a ride for children to buy for you. Beston family rides can attract more visitors to the amusement park.


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Beston family attractions sale.

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Classic rides

Classic rides, these are the same popular attractions in Beston. Here I recommend three classic rides. First, the carousel attraction. Attraction carousel with horses very popular in our life and can bring you a very high return. Secondly, the Ferris wheel attraction. Ferris wheel attraction is a sightseeing attraction. Passengers sitting on the Ferris wheel can slowly ignore the surrounding scenery. Thirdly, the attraction autodrome. Attraction bumper cars are popular among our customers from around the world. Attraction autodrome - attractive rides in the amusement park, they are well received by children and adults. If you are a park owner or want to invest in business attractions, these classic rides is your ideal option for running a park business.

children's carousels price

Attraction Carousel Buy

Amusement Carousel Buy Welcome to Beston to learn more about carousel rides for amusement parks. Wedding Carousel For Sale...
Attraction Ferris wheel buy

Attraction Ferris Wheel Buy

Ferris Wheel Ride Buy Beston Ferris Wheel Ride for sale from China. Sale of Ferris wheel rides for an amusement park. Attraction ...
Attraction autodrome price

Attraction Cars Buy

"Bumper car" from the English language "Bumper car", in Russia it has many more names: autodrome attraction, car attraction, autodrome attraction, ...

With the fast pace of modern life, family members can play together and enjoy less time. Family attractions just as its name implies, it is suitable for the whole family, whether they are children or adults. When parents finally have a chance to relax, they prefer to take their kids to an amusement park, theme park, mall, and family entertainment center. And when the moment is right, they are happy to create their shared unforgettable experience.


Buy family rides below:

Attraction octopus price

Attraction Octopus

Buy an octopus attraction (polyp attraction) is a popular attraction for parks and is designed in the form of an octopus. This is a really interesting ride! Thanks to ...
Beston amusement carousel jellyfish BNJF-32B buy from china

Attraction Carousel Jellyfish

Brief description The jellyfish carousel ride is also called the happy jellyfish ride, is one new design of children's rides, which is based on the ride...
Beston attraction dragon BNFU-20A buy from china

Attraction Dragon

The Dragon ride is one rail ride, like a small roller coaster. It looks like a caterpillar ride. It has another name: Slide...
Attraction railway "caterpillar"

Attraction Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Family Ride is a new rollercoaster ride for kids. Do you want to buy a new attraction for the amusement park? Are you interested in these...
Beston amusement ride airshow BNSW-20A buy from china

Attraction Airshow

The airshow attraction is one new attraction that sets up in the air with a track. It can also be called: Heavenly bike attraction, attraction ...
Beston attraction flight BNSC-8A buy from china

Attraction Flight

The flight ride is one of the most popular rides among all rides. The high height and bright colors make this attraction a conspicuous ...
attraction shells sale

Attraction Seashells

Shell Ride, also known as Shark Ride or Shark Fight Carousel Ride in our factory. It's kind of recent...
Beston attraction samba ball

Attraction Samba ball

What is a samba ball attraction? Beston amusement ride samba ball for sale is amusement park amusement equipment and belongs to the family amusement ride. Attraction samba aerial ...
beston amusement cup

Attraction Cup

The cup attraction has other names: funny cup attraction, tea cup attraction. The fun cup ride is one new attraction for the park,...
Attraction carousel with horses to buy

Buy Carousel Horses Attraction

When you go to a nearby mall, you will probably see a whole horse carousel ride that happens to be designed specifically for...
buy a trackless train

Attraction Train Train Trackless

Attraction trackless trains have all the characteristics necessary for success: excellent design, ease of use, etc. The trackless train ride will involve ...

For the safety of children or the elderly, family rides are often a low to moderate incentive. As family kingdom amusement dealers, you should seize this opportunity by increasing family kingdom amusement park rides to attract more guests to family kingdom theme parks and amusement park, playgrounds, home entertainment center, amusement park, shopping malls and even supermarkets. We are here to wait for your order. Contact us please!


Bestsellers of family attractions:

As a professional amusement ride manufacturer, Beston provides kinds of family rides for sale at a low price. The rides are always based on animals, cartoons, mini cars, fruits and other cute theme.

First, the ferris wheel attraction is one of the traditional attractions for family entertainment centers. And it is also an iconic attraction in the amusement park. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Beston Attraction Ferris Wheel BNFW-50B buy from China
Beston Attraction Ferris Wheel BNFW-50B for sale

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Second, the ride carousel are the most popular and stable attractions in the amusement park. With its beautiful appearance, it attracts many people.

Beston Attraction Carousel BNHC-16A buy from china
Beston Attraction Carousel BNHC-16A for sale

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Third, cup attraction can meet the needs of the whole family. Parents sit next to their children. Children sit in the middle of the cabin and they will enjoy a happy rotation.

beston amusement cup
Beston attraction cups are very interesting

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Fourth, attraction samba ball Suitable for family use because most balloon athletes can sit 4 passengers at the same time.

Beston attraction samba ball BNSB-32B buy from china
Beston samba ball ride BNSB-32B for sale

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Then, ride carousel jellyfish is a kind of new ride which is similar to samba ball ride, octopus ride and other cool rides. During the process, passengers will enjoy the attraction and experience the feeling that they are wandering on the ocean.

Beston amusement carousel jellyfish BNJF-32A buy from china
Beston amusement ride carousel jellyfish BNJF-32A for sale

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Finally we have octopus ride for sale. Its cabins are made of small fish. Children ride in the cabin, feel like they are riding on the back of a fish, it is very interesting for children. The capacity of each cabin is 2, and two passengers can enjoy this attraction together. Check the data and get free quotes.

Beston octopus attraction with great lighting
Beston octopus attraction with great lighting

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Beston family rides from the manufacturer have beautiful appearance, high quality, low maintenance, long service life. If you are looking for family rides to buy for your park, Beston will be your ideal choice. We are manufacturers of family-type rides from the manufacturer, and the price of family-type rides is not expensive. Buying family rides is a very good idea when you find yourself running an amusement park or picking rides for a rural fair. These family type rides will be very favored by visitors of all age groups. Please feel free to contact us.



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