Attraction Airshow

The airshow attraction is one new attraction that sets up in the air with a track. It can also be called: sky bike ride, air bike ride, roller coaster ride, etc. Special attractions will attract more tourists! Would you like to know more about this product? For example, attraction price, delivery time, etc. Free consulting services are provided here!

Attraction "Air Bicycle"
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General information about the product

This park attraction suitable for children and families, which has a new design and has indeed appeared frequently in amusement parks.

Airshow Family Attraction
New airshow attraction

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It is a family attraction is a combination between AUTO-Drive and manual drive. When passengers are tired, they can press the automatic drive button. And then the machine will move by itself.

The system of this attraction is also equipped with a music box, in the process of driving, passengers could enjoy the music they love, because it has many pieces of songs for people to choose.

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Attraction “Air Bicycle”

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Beston has all the production certificates for the production of amusement rides for sale and other amusement equipment. We are constantly innovating in the development of our amusement rides and will greatly improve the performance and quality of various amusement park rides. Please contact us freely and you will know much more information about our products and factory.

Beston amusement ride airshow BNSW-20A buy from china
Beston airshow attraction BNSW-20A for sale

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Beston amusement ride airshow BNSW-20B for sale

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The original design

Under special design, extreme attraction airshow not only has an advanced cycle function, but also get the automatic drive function. In order to let passengers easily drive, the car is equipped with a sensing system. When the last car overtakes the front car, the front car will change from pedal to automatic in advance so that holiday driving becomes free, thereby increasing the number of passengers per unit time.

Extreme Attraction "Air Bicycle"
Attraction “Air Bicycle” buy

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Passenger experiences

The airshow attraction can play music to let passengers relax themselves. What you have to do is just press the buttons on the dashboard to enjoy the relaxation and happiness of walking on the cloud. In addition, when on the ride, passengers can control the car to rotate 360 ​​degrees on the steering wheel to admire the surrounding beautiful scenery. The shape of the airshow ride is designed like an airplane from space, original and fashionable, which introduces a new concept of overhead bike. beston supply high quality rides airshow for sale with strong performance and affordable prices.

airshow attraction
Airshow Family Attraction

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Beston amusement ride airshow BNSW-20C buy from china
Beston amusement ride airshow BNSW-20C for sale

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Beston is one of the best amusement park equipment manufacturers in China and provides various rides for sale around the world. If you are interested in the airshow attraction, please contact us immediately and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

New airshow attraction
New airshow attraction

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Attraction "Air bike" buy
Rail Attraction Air Bike

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Advantages of our airshow attraction

Rail Attraction Air Bike
Extreme Attraction “Air Bicycle”

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  • High quality products at competitive prices and exported to many foreign countries.
  • Provide general amusement park ridesincluding design, manufacture and installation.


Attraction airshow sale
Rail Attraction Air Bike


Advantages entertainment equipment for attractions: compactness of the equipment, high-quality design, convenient operation, easy operation, structural stability, safety of use. Interested in a profitable entertainment business? Please contact us for detailed advice.


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