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Strive to Think of Everything for You!

Beston always strives to do everything for you. We do our best to meet your reasonable needs and strive to provide you with the best customer experience and customer satisfaction. We will always consider the problem from your point of view in order to provide you with the best solution.

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Customization Solutions

Beston makes every effort to meet your individual needs. Beston has a strong team that can provide you with customized solutions from design to operation. We know that the solution proposed according to the actual situation of the project is exactly what you need!

Technical support

As an industry leading brand, Beston can provide you with professional technical guidance and assistance. We will provide technical support by phone/whatsapp video or door to door to solve your problem. Welcome to consultation!

Localization Service

beston not only has several overseas branches and a team of experienced engineers from China. And because we have extensive experience in installing amusement park projects around the world. Therefore, we can also recommend a reliable local installation team for you.

Client Training

For some professional and complex knowledge of product performance, operation, maintenance and operation, Beston not only provides you with manuals and materials, but also organizes a professional training group to explain to you.

User manual

Beston will provide you with guidance on how to attract visitors at an early stage, what methods can be more profitable after opening, how to create brand intellectual property, and how to open chain stores at a later stage.

Quality Service First

Welding products

cutting technique

Accurate measurement

punch holes

High quality materials

Check steel pipe

Equipment loading

Delivery of goods

Customer Factory Inspection

Negotiations with clients

Produced in a workshop

Client visit

Beston Service concept in the service industry: "service first", "quality service", "honest service" and "integrated service".
1. Taking quality as the foundation, advocating service first.
2. Provide customers with the highest quality service to make you feel at home.
3. Be honest and trustworthy and jointly sign a mutually beneficial cooperation agreement.
4. We provide a full range of services from production, delivery, installation, to project support and operation.
Maintenance tips

Contact us immediately to provide you with detailed equipment maintenance information and various maintenance tips.


Repair request

Safety is paramount. If your rides have a slight malfunction, please contact us immediately for repair.